ASA                           ASHA                            COTTON

LUCINDA                             TIGER BUNNS                  JAZZY    .


these are the faces

of a few of our ''purr" menant residents. find a face to love and sponsor. information will be provided on the cat or kitten selected. Looking for someone extra special?

Just let us know.

There are over 100 cats who call Peanut's Place their permanent home. If you are interested in supporting our mission and would like to help with a monthly donation by sponsoring a particular cat or kitten, please contact me and let me know what type of cat/kitten you are considering (elderly, behavioral issues, chronic health concerns, etc.) so I can connect you with your own loving friend.

Many of the cats here belonged to someone else at one time. There are so many issues facing our feline friends right now that the main thing for former "owners" has been to locate a shelter or sanctuary setting for their cat or cats to safely and fully live out their lives. These options are few and far between. Peanut's Place has evolved over time to become such a place. Sadly, at this time we are over capacity.

Any size of monthly donation would be deeply appreciated and will give us the opportunity to continue to provide the best of care for all who call us home. Below are a few cats who are currently being sponsored for just $10.00 per month. .

jada mae

Jada was also sponsored two years ago. She is a permanent sanctuary resident because she is very skittish and shy and does not like people. Jada was a stray kitten from Pipestone. Her sponsor is from Egan, South Dakota.


Peeper was sponsored years ago. Peeper was a rescue from Valley Springs, S.D.  He has chronic health issues and requires ongoing monitoring and care to keep him well. Peeper's sponsor is from Rye, New York.