Peanut's Place adheres to strict adoption guidelines requiring that interested persons provide references and guarantee a LIFETIME HOME and appropriate care. Adoptions from Peanut's Place are limited, due to the fact that over 75% of our cats and kittens have already experienced the trauma of losing their "First Home." Peanut's Place is primarily a Sanctuary setting that gives each individual cat or kitten their  'FOREVER Home," right here, as many have come here because of health concerns (chronic), behavioral issues (aggression, litter box aversion), or issues associated with Old Age.......

Not every cat who is available for adoption is listed here. If you have questions about other cats or kittens, please inquire by either calling us at (507) 825 5757 (ask for Janeen) or send us an email at ppcrs2003@hotmail.com. Other options include a sponsorship of any of the very special cats who are permanent residents of Peanut's Place. If adoption is not for you but you would like to help, please check out our sponsor page to see if you can find someone to Love.

Every cat and kitten who comes here is spayed or neutered as soon as possible. This step is one of the cornerstones of our Mission. Cats that may be available for adoption have already received this service.